Hi, I'm Daryl. I hope you've enjoyed perusing our site.

Feel free to contact me via phone: (831) 818-6138 (and texting works great) or email by clicking here.

I do haircuts and colors (mens and womens), highlights, from mini's to full dimentional
Daryl Steven Downey has been styling hair in Santa Cruz for 40 years. Thirty of those years he's owned and sold four different salons with spas throughout the county.

Starting in the mid seventies his specialty is really precision cutting. Then with the advent of the eighties texture got thrown into the mix creating a blend of both skill sets. Finally in the nineties he added color to his repertoire rounding himself out to meet the ever changing landscape and demands of the salon industry.

Here's a great example of my work: A precision swing with texture across the top to create a soft upper/outer layer. Then subtle highlights to bring out matching tones to this ginger head of hair and finally a glaze over everything to embue a gloss and reflective shine.
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